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The name "History Guy" applies even more now that I have retired and can focus more of my energy and attention on the work I really love. More history stories will be researched, more books will be published and more speaking engagements will be booked. I love retirement!
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Find your family's ancestors in this massive collection of interconnected family trees that centres around the Brighton area but extends wherever family connections go. Help yourself to information here and send additions or corrections. It is constantly building.
Check out the events at the Hilton Hall Heritage Centre. See how this 1861 Heritage Site has been lovingly repurposed by a dedicated group of volunteers with Municipal support.
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Does your group or club need a quest speaker? Would a fascinating history story fit the bill? If yes, then call
Dan Buchanan at 613-439-8992 or send an email to danbuchanan@cogeco.ca to book a time. I'm ready!
For a list of History Stories I can tell .....
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Rural Roots will focus on farm history in the Brighton area, from clearing the trees to smartphones. Changes in technology and regulations have forced farmers to evolved their habits and equipment. Lots of stories here!
We need your help! Please loan us pictures of farming activities, old or new and tell us your stories of the farm.
A dedicated group of volunteers have been doing great work on Brighton Digital Archives. Look on the web site and see the Latimer Photos as well as barn pictures. The barn project has also resulted in a gorgeous calendar. Great work folks!
History Week and Digital Archives are supported by the Brighton Heritage Advisory Committee. Thanks for your support!
Books by The History Guy
Murder In The Family: The Dr. King Story
38 Hours To Montreal: (coming soon!)
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Rural Roots
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